How to help students to adjust new school life

Do you think is it possible to prepare your children for new beginnings? Are they old enough to navigate the tricky waters of change in their life? Well friend, today ‘m here to tell that it’s possible. Your child can walk into a new circumstance emotionally ready to take on the challenge of change and the unknown.

Here is some methods for helping kids to adjust a new environment

1-Embrace the Human need for Rituals

Oxytocin is sometimes called the comfort hormone. lt is the hormone that gives comfort, love, and has a calming affect. What happens when you think about Christmas morning, or the holiday season in general? Do you get the warm fuzzies? Memorable traditions from our childhood can also illicit this feeling. Now, ‘m not suggesting you make new beginnings and change into such a warm and fuzzy experience that you are practically wearing a Santa costume. But by using a simple strategy you can create a small ritual that provides comfort for your kiddos. Humans crave habit, stability and feeling grounded. Providing a predictable rhythm to change and new beginnings will help relieve stress and keep your family grounded.

You can just have a small lab in your home. Just have a leaf, a QPC80H2 document camera and a touch screen computer. You can ask your kids to join the fun you have in the lab.

2-The New Beginning Questioning and Preparation Strategy

As a parent, its my job to help my kids learn to transition successfully through seasons of life. Ebb and flow, change, growth, new life, and dying off, it’s all part of living. Part of my role is to guide my children through their own new beginnings. One of the ways, you can gather your kids friends and classmates to join a small class by you. Using the Qomo classroom student keypads with the voice transmission. They will find it is so funny to join the classroom when in September.

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