QRF300C Audience Response System

Audience Response System

The QRF300C is a simple and cost-effective audience response system for classroom settings, group meetings, or anywhere that instant feedback is requested. Easily manage and visualize gathered data by importing and exporting Excel files and converting information to Powerpoint slides with a button.

Note: We support the Qomo brand for demo while in the mass production we accept OEM/ODM

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QRF300C Remotes
There is an ID number in each student remote , which can be reset  by the instructor at any time. All responses are automatically collected within seconds. Bring convenience and style to your presentations with this all-in-one wireless remote.
Used by teacher to control the course of class activities.

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QRF300C Audience Response (2)

Best ARS software -Qclick Software(Integrated with PPT)
Using PowerPoint presentations? Try our PowerPoint integration software Qclick, which lets you poll your audience and see the results WITHIN your presentation. Instant audience responses and insight at your fingertips. Thanks to our customers, we've become the highest independently rated Audience Response System (ARS) on the market!
Come with Free interactive Qclick software,which suites features modules to set up classes, create exams, design templates,manage communication and produce reports. Supports all standard powerpoint features included custom animation, audio etc.

Wireless RF receiver
Easily connects to your computer Through USB. With a  size of a thumb drive, the receiver is easy to carry. Technology: 2.4GHz radio Frequency two way communication with automatic interference avoidance.
Support up to 500 people in one time

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QRF300C audience response system standard packing
You will get a free handbag in mass production order.
This handbag makes it easy to carry the response system sets to anywhere you would like to carry out your presentation.
Standard packing :1 set/ carton
Packing size:450*350*230mm
Gross weight:4.3kgs

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