Qomo QWC-004 webcam HD with microphone

The high definition QOMO WebCam 004 is an essential tool for upgrading your remote learning or WFH (working from home) experience. Clearly record and stream conferences, online teaching, and hangouts. Built with professional quality components, it has a sharp 1080p camera and built-in dual mic to capture all of the details. The QWC-004 is also easy to clip on, adjust, and move around, with a tripod adapter on the base.

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Adjustable swivel head
Our webcam has the most adjust ability, being able to pan up, down, and side to side. This allows for video conferencing as well as for sharing live documents and objects.

QWC-004 Webcam (1)


QWC-004 webcam is exquisite and compact, but it does not lose its work efficiency. It adopts standard USB2.0 drive free design. It can be easily connected by inserting USB data cable to transmit high-quality pictures and videos.

Built-in 1080P lens, the shooting picture is clear and delicate.Highly restored images and the scene details are reflected.



Built-in Analog Micphone
Help reduct the noise and make video smoothly

With automatic adjustment function, it can automatically adjust saturation, contrast, clarity, white balance, exposure, etc.



Multi-angle rotation
Adjust the camera in multiple directions
Find the most suitable video angle

Multiple operation system supported.
Support Windows, Mac OS, Android, Chrome system



Great compatible with social APP,for example zoom,skype,wechat and so on.

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