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  • China National Holiday Mid-Autumn Festival

    In 2021, the Mid-Autumn Festival will fall on September 21st (Tuesday). In 2021, Chinese people will enjoy an 3-day break from Sep. 19th to 21st. Mid-Autumn Festival is also called Mooncake Festival or Moon Festival. Mid-Autumn Festival is held on the 15th day of the eighth month of the Chinese c...
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  • 40 ft container shipped to USA

    We have finished 40ft container Bundleboard interactive flat panels&QIT600F3 touch screen for our USA customers this week and ship today. Thanks for our customer, Mr Peter, thanks for your trust for Qomo products and promote our products over the world. It is our honor to work with you. And o...
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  • How audience response systems can help you to engage your audience

    Have you ever attended a lecture where a speaker delivered a 60-minute presentation without asking the audience a single question? If you answered yes, think about how engaged you felt and if you remembered the lecture. Now, consider your level of investment had the speaker provided you with an a...
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  • Qomo 4K High resolution document camera QD5000 is going to be published

    Working from home has caused many of us to become very creative in the realm of productivity. Since clear audio and video is something everyone can appreciate, the last year has caused many folks to upgrade their webcam, microphone, and more. For anyone that has yet to do this, an upcoming 4K doc...
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  • How to choose the recording equipment for micro-classes?

    With the rapid development of information technology today, it has become a general trend to use micro-classes to improve teaching efficiency without classroom teaching or students’ independent learning after class. Today, I will share with you a piece of the magic of micro-class recording-...
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  • Resources for the Smart Classroom

    1-Smartboards Connected whiteboards are another great tool to make a classroom “smart.” Think of the evolution from chalkboards to whiteboards to projectors. When I was a student, these technological advancements seemed like magic. Now, anything a teacher writes up on the board can be recorded. ...
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  • What a webcam can do for your videoconferenceing

    Videoconferencing cameras have been in high demand since the pandemic began. We’ve narrowed down our favorites. MOST LAPTOP WEBCAMS suck. If you thought I’d have a good explanation on why swanky aluminum machines packed with laser-quick processors and costing upward of $1,000 still have the imag...
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  • Qomo new design QPC20F1 Document camera advantages

    Document camera is an office equipment developed in recent years for efficient document scanning and electronic processing. It has a foldable ultra-convenient design, compact and portable, fast scanning and shooting speed, can complete the shooting of text documents within 1 second, thereby Great...
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