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  • National Holiday Notice

    Due to the national holiday arrangement, our office will be temporarily out of duty from Oct 1st to Oct 7th, 2022. We’ll return on Oct 8th, 2022. So you will be able to communicate with us by then or any urgent things you may contact/Whatsapp +86-18259280118 Thank you and wish you all heal...
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  • What is the pen touch screen used for?

    In the market, there are all kinds of pen displays. And an innovative and upgraded pen display can bring more fun to the experiencer. Let’s take a look at this Qomo new pen display model QIT600F3! 21.5-inch pen display with a resolution of 1920X1080 pixels. At the same time, the front of t...
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  • How to stimulate positive thinking in learning?

    Education is actually a process of human interaction, a kind of emotional resonance that exchanges sincerity for sincere soul resonance and stimulates passion. Qomo voice clicker enters into the classroom stimulates the enthusiasm of students to participate in classroom discussions and speak bra...
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  • The face value coefficient big screen model QIT600F3

    The newly upgraded pen display brings you a better experience. Let’s take a look, in addition to facilitating digital creation, what other powerful functions does this touch screen have? The innovative screen design of the new pen display adopts a 21.5-inch full-fit screen. The pen tip and...
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  • Portable video document camera opens a new era of teaching

    With the continuous acceleration of the informatization process, whether in teaching or in office, more efficient, fast and convenient teaching and office methods are being pursued. Based on this background that the portable document camera caters to the market. Although the tool is small, it ha...
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  • Efficient and intelligent interactive panels, upgrade meeting experience

    In the office, the intelligent interactive panels integrate many conference room office equipment such as projectors, electronic whiteboards, curtains, speakers, TVs, computers, etc., which not only simplifies the complexity, but also makes the conference room environment more concise and comfort...
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  • New Wireless document camera – Unlimited Connectivity, Unlimited Imagination

    The wireless document camera is a product specially designed for teaching. Connect it to intelligent interactive panels, electronic interactive whiteboard, computer and other devices to clearly display materials, handouts, slideshows, etc. It is an important part of multimedia classrooms. One of...
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  • What is the difference between the newly upgraded gooseneck video camera and the traditional teaching camera?

    Gooseneck document camera is a product specially designed for teaching. Connecting it to intelligent interactive tablet, computer, etc. can clearly display materials, handouts, slideshows, etc. It is one of the important teaching equipment in multimedia classrooms. Traditional visualizer require...
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  • Qomo voice clicker reduces the sense of distance between teachers and students

    In the classroom, what if the students just don’t like talking to the teacher? What should I do if the students have no feedback after the knowledge point? After a class, it seems that the teachers are all one-man shows. Qomo voice clicker will tell you! The teacher-student relationship of...
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  • What document camera can be used to present and record lessons?

    In classroom teaching, many teachers pay great attention to students’ self-study, experience, communication and inquiry, which is beyond doubt and shows the important role of display in classroom teaching.So, let’s recommend a powerful display and teaching video booth for everyone, l...
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  • What should you do when students it is bored in class?

    As a teacher, do you encounter these problems in the classroom? For example, students fall asleep, talk to each other, and play games in class. Some students even say that the class is too boring. So what should teachers do under this teaching situation? Faced this problem, I personally think th...
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  • Qomo gooseneck document camera help classroom interactive

    Qomo QPC80H2 document camera has an innovative one-button video and audio recording function, which can take real and vivid images with just one button. You can capture real-time classroom learning dynamics, such as group discussions or student presentations, as teaching materials for future cou...
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