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  • What are the reasons for the strong market competitiveness of wireless document camera manufacturers?

    With the pursuit of education quality in schools, many schools have begun to try to use some technology products to enhance the effect of actual teaching. In order to mobilize students’ enthusiasm for learning and help teachers understand the content of students’ teaching. The wirele...
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  • Try to use the student clicker to promote the classroom interaction

    Student Clicker is an educational interactive tool for teachers in public schools and training institutions, which helps teachers teach efficiently and promotes the quality of teaching in school institutions.   Firstly, raising the atmosphere to make the efficiency doubled The interactive g...
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  • Why is the student clicker so popular?

      Many intelligent products are derived under the influence of the continuous development of science and technology. The student clicker is a kind of intelligent product applied in the education industry. Let’s take a look at the benefits that professional and wondering what can stude...
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  • Qomo classroom response system, an excellent partner for interactive classrooms?

      Bored in class? Students not participating in the interaction? Probably because the class lacks a good assistant! The interactive student clicker is a teaching artifact based on classroom interactive feedback. At present, the student clickers’ connection is complex and using steps are ext...
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  • What are the benefits of choosing a wireless voting device?

    Nowadays, talent shows and varieties shows requiring voting are well received in the market and have a high broadcast volume. Therefore, in the face of the era when talent shows are popular, the role of voting device is prominent. High-quality wireless voting device can help the audience vote an...
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  • What should a wireless voter feature?

    Normal activity voting requires a voting device to increase the computing speed and result summary of voting. However, many users do not understand the specific selection method of voting device when selecting a voting device. This article is aimed at helping users conveniently and quickly selec...
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  • Correctly understand wisdom education and students’ clickers

    It goes without saying that smart education is a bigger proposition than smart campuses and smart classrooms. There are five elements of the smart teaching model, and among them, the smart teaching model is the core component of the entire smart education system. “Wisdom” refers to &...
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  • Qomo clicker can help you open a new state of teaching

    Today, I share with you a diversified intelligent teaching interactive terminal – Qomo student clicker. Why do I say it is multi-intelligent? Because this Qomo voice clicker is optimized and upgraded on the basis of the previous student keypads, in addition to supporting functions such as voice ...
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  • Voice clickers entering the classroom to enlighten students’ wisdom

    In order to change the status of education and bring education into line with the time, voice clickers have been invested in training institutions and public schools. In the intervention of this teaching technology, it seems that the classroom suddenly became lively. Since ancient times, educatio...
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  • Advanced technology realizes educational innovation, Qomo clickers are arranged

    Driven by the integration of technology and education represented by “Internet + Education”, Qomo student clicker, a diversified and exclusive customized learning machine, not only improves children’s English ability, but also focuses on cultivating children’s communicati...
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  • What is the role of intelligent interactive panels in conference office?

    The intelligent interactive panels integrates the equipment required for traditional conferences, integrating projectors, electronic whiteboards, TVs, computers, advertising machines, and audio, and easily realizes an intelligent and efficient conference. So what’s so powerful about it? Le...
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  • How to build a smarter classroom with student clickers?

    Smart classroom should be the deep integration of information technology and teaching. Student clickers have been increasingly popularized in teaching classrooms, so how to make good use of information technology to build a “smart classroom” and promote the deep integration of inform...
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