Qomo QD3900H2 Desktop Document Camera

Qomo QD3900H2 document camera has 10x zoom capability and a professional image sensor to deliver vivid colors at high-definition, Full HD 1080p output resolutions with 30 frames per second. Supporting HDMI input/output, the QD3900H2 is compatible with many high definition audio/video equipment. Then internal memory stores up to 512MB images and is expandable with a USB flash drive/SD card. One-touch audio/video recording records presentations without the need for a PC. Built-in backlight design achieves the multi-image display requirements. The dual adjustable side lamps design prevents reflections. Single-button auto-tune provides the perfect image quality every time. The unique projector mode for connecting LCD or DLP projectors to reduce the interference caused by different types of projector technology delivering the best image quality.

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The QOMO QD3900H2 desktop document camera supports a full 1080p resolution at 30 fps. The 10x zoom allows users to focus in on the most important aspects of their presentation. The QD3900H2 features Qomo high quality imaging sensor that features noise reduction and HD vivid color production.

This media center document camera also has an A4 backlit stage, perfectly fitting a text book or paper document, 512MB internal image storage and included Image/Video Capture software. You can also increase the memory with the use of a USB thumb drive or SD card.

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The QD3900H2 Desktop document camera features a full array of control buttons on the camera's base. This makes them easy to access without disrupting your presentation.

One of the QD3900H2 Desktop Document camera greatest features is its ability to function without a computer. Featuring both VGA and HDMI outputs, it can output directly to a projector or display

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Qomo dual LED sidelamps prevent any glare or reflections.It is flexible you can adjust as what you request angle

Rich button in the remotes helps an easy remote control. In side interface which you can place the remote control without a loss

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