QRF999 Audience Response System

QRF999 Speech transmission student remotes
QRF999 answer machine is a powerful and cost – saving interactive feedback machine on the market. It breaks through the limitations of traditional feedback, mobilizes the enthusiasm of participants, and is widely used in K12 education, double-teacher classroom,and all kinds of
Training institutions for classroom teaching, group meetings and any other occasions that requires timely response.

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Student remote
128*64 pixels LCD screen, Automobile technology, DSP Technology of noise reduction, 200ms response time. Support sound transmission, build-in 1500mAh lithium battery

Host+Charging Slot
30 student remotes can be charging in the same time. Build-in dual-frequency antenna, outside indicator, fast charging. When the response system are not using, you can put them into the charge slot without a loss.

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gfdh (3)

Compatible with any Windows platform and mainstream software 
Provide with free interactive software
QVote is an interactive software that matching our response system QRF999. It has strong compatibility, simple interface operation and abundant functions. QVote software aimed in the
function of student management, classroom interaction, classroom assessment, report export.


Highlights as below

qrf99 (1)

Teaching through lively activities. It can transfer from the student remotes to the the game controller

qrf99 (2)

A classroom interaction with multiple questions and real time on-line detection

Multiple tools in the Qvote soft menu.

qrf99 (3)

Oral English testing with real-time transmission and smart noise reduction

qrf99 (4)

Speech recognition and recording synchronization which supports high precision text conversion

qrf99 (5)

Real-time and stable transmission
Restore site effect

qrf99 (6)

Real-time report feedback to an achieve individualized teaching

qrf99 (7)

Easy NFC pairing without the traditional cumbersome connection

qrf99 (8)

Intelligent identity recognition, easy to use

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