Qomo Audience Response System Intergrated with PPT software

Audience Response System

The QRF300C is a simple and cost-effective audience response system for classroom settings, group meetings, or anywhere that instant feedback is requested. Easily manage and visualize gathered data by importing and exporting Excel files and converting information to Powerpoint slides with a button.

The benefits for the Qomo audience response system are immediate. With a single question, an audience response system tells you if listeners are struggling with a topic or understanding it, and allows you to modify your lecture on the fly. No more sitting around hoping for surveys to come in after the event – an audience response system lets you survey attendees right away.


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Key Features
  • RF-based Audience Response System                                          32 RF Student Keypads / USB Receiver
  • 1 Instructor Remote / QClick Software                                           Compatible with All Quiz Formats

QRF300C QRF Student Keypads
Equipped with individual as well as group participation modes, the remote helps you conduct timed quizzes and tests as well as display the results quickly. Activities can be easily controlled using the RF instructor remote that also works as a laser pointer. It comes with an LED indicator for power status and response confirmation. You can choose from a range of activities like Freestyle, Normal Quiz, Standard Exam, Homework, Rush Quiz, Vote/Inquiry, Ad-lib Quiz, Hand-raise, and Roll Call.

QRF300C Audience Response (1)

QRF300C Audience Response (2)

Best ARS software -Qclick Software(Integrated with PPT)
With the QClick software suite, you can set up classes, create exams, design templates, manage communication, and produce reports. It also supports standard Microsoft PowerPoint features including slide transitions, custom animations, multimedia, audio, etc. User-friendly tools enable you to edit questions, conduct quizzes and organize games as well as import class lists from Excel and generate Excel-compatible reports. The Freestyle mode enables you to run quizzes with any preferred testing method.

Wireless RF receiver
The thumb-sized, portable wireless RF receiver easily connects to your computer via the USB. Compatible with all Windows 7/8/10. Technology: 2.4GHz radio Frequency two way communication with automatic interference avoidance.
Support up to 500 people in one time

QRF300C Audience Response (3)


QRF300C audience response system standard packing
You will get a free handbag in mass production order.
This handbag makes it easy to carry the response system sets to anywhere you would like to carry out your presentation.
Standard packing :1 set/ carton
Packing size:450*350*230mm
Gross weight:4.3kgs

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