Qomo Student Response System and Classroom Clicker for Test and Exams

Qomo modle QRF888 Student response systems (SRS) is a tool that instructors can use to receive immediate feedback on teaching and learning and promote active learning.

The response system ,sometimes referred to as classroom response systems, clickers or personal response systems, but typically refer to a handheld device called a clicker but it also includes note cards, phones and computers. SRSs are used in small or large classrooms to facilitate attendance recording, engaging students in lectures, ensure key points are understood, give low-stakes quizzes, or a way to ask students’ opinion or attitude that they might not normally share comfortably. Types of questions asked can range from multiple choice, true-false, numerical answer and short answer, to matching, clicking on an image or drawing. Using the responses, an instructor may move on with the material, provide more instruction if students are not meeting a learning goal, or jump-start a discussion based on the responses. The possibilities are endless since SRSs can be used in conjunction with other teaching tools

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Student remote
Delicate and cabinet design as an Iphone x
Environment-friendly PC material, ergonomic intimate feel, no irritation to skin, comfortable key process for students.

Simple buttons on the interface
LCD display which you can check the answer selections and power status. True or False keys, A-F selection keys and a hand button.

tryet (1)

tryet (2)

RF Receiver
The base station connects to your laptop via USB and receives voting data from the keypads via radio; No internet or WiFi connection required. It is an elegant, plug and play solution.
External dual-band antenna without information missing.

Provide with free interactive software
QVote is an interactive software that matching our response system QRF888. It has strong compatibility, simple interface operation and abundant functions. QVote software aimed in the function of students management, classroom interaction, classroom assessment, report export etc.

Highlights as below:

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qrf88 (1)

Support files to open PPT/Image and It is easy to create a classroom

qrf999 (2)

Multiple tools in the Qvote soft menu.

qrf999 (3)

Support single score red packet(fixed score of each red packet), lucky red packet(random score) to make the classroom fun.
This software also support to update to Dual-teacher mode for remote teaching or meeting

qrf999 (4)

Multiple polling type

qrf999 (5)

Instant report with different type for your reference. For example Excel, Histogram etc.


It is easy to update to dual teacher mode for remote teaching for the student response system

ARS Packing
Normal package is 1 set/carton
You can get a free handbag in mass production order.
This handbag makes you easy to carry the response system sets to anywhere you would like to carry out your presentation.
1 set/ carton
Packing size:430*324*195mm
Gross weight:3.7kgs


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