QOMOC3638SE-ADF28K-WL-l0 Ultra 4K Night Vision Smart IP Camera

High quality image with 8MP, 1/1.8″CMOS sensor; Smart intrusion prevention, include cross line, intrusion, enter area, leave area detection; Based on target classification, smart intrusion prevention significantly reduce false alarm caused by leaves, birds and lights etc., accurately focus on human and, motor vehicle and non-motor vehicle; Intelligent People Flow Counting and Crowd Density Monitoring; 0.0005 lux (F1.0, AGC ON) Minimum Illumination ,24/7full-color images ;F1.0 Super aperture;IK10 vandal resistant and IP67 protection ;Alarm:1 in/1 out, Audio: 1 in/1 out;

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0.0005lux Minimum Illumination

When the light is getting not strong enough for camera to catch images and surveillance environment getting dark, the camera could also perform well. The  image could be still colorful and clear for 24/7 in low-light and no-light environments. 

8MP High Quaility Image

This 8MP security camera contains 1/1.8''CMOS sensor,progressive scan.

A Large Aperture 2.8mm@F1.0 Lens
F1.0 super-aperture collects more light to produce brighter images. Advanced sensor technology can vastly improve the utilization of available light.

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