QPC80H2 5MP optical document camera for smart classroom

This portable document camera is the ultimate in flexibility.With a bendable gooseneck, it will show an object at any angle and even adapt to a microscope.
With internal memory, you can save captured photos and video with no need to tote around a computer. This high-definition camera even can be used doubles as a switcher/scaler!

Document Camera Visual Presenter 5MP

The QPC80H2 Document Camera Visual Presenter is the ideal tool for presentations, image capturing and video recording. With this visual presenter and your computer, you can capture, using auto-focus, real-time images of Objects, magazines, books, documents, pictures and business cards and present them through a monitor or projector. With the addition of auto-focus, the unique down-facing lens makes repetitive image capturing, demonstrations, tutorials and lectures comfortable and simple. Along with these great features, you can use the included Qcamera software with your QPC80H2 to take snapshots or record videos of just about anything, edit images and videos with the advanced editing tools, plus enjoy the convenience of sharing.

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Rich connectivity options
QPC80H2 gooseneck document camera visualizer by far is the most fully-featured classroom document camera. VGA and HDMI connections allow you to record video or image. The connections offer the greatest flexibility. With its many connectivity options, the Qomo integrates easily with other classroom technologies.


80CH (1)

Easy and intelligent buttons and USB slot in the back; On the left side are USB-A for USB thumb drive and USB-B slot for PC connection

Gooseneck arm is around 445 mm with a free rotatable gooseneck in different angles

QPC80H2 document camera gooseneck arm

80CH (5)

Multiful HDMI in/out port at the back side

Side VGA in and rear leg support extension at back

80CH (6)


On head is the microphone. Thus you can not only recording the image but also the voice in a video recording

5MP camera with 6xoptical zoom and 10xdigital zoom. Built-in LED intelligent supplementary light, all-directional lighting, to create a clearer display field of vision

80CH (8)


Making tiny things larger than life
This portable camera is built for observation. View objects from any angle in real-time or while you’re away by recording high definition video, and bring its powerful 6x optical zoom to the next level by pairing it with a microscope.

Document camera shooting size

A3 size shooting
With a maximum scanning area of A3, you can scan almost everything you need in the classroom.

Provided with Free software Qcamera
It is an image/annotation/video recording software. Compatible Windows 7/10.Mac
Software Features:
Simple and brief tool bar.
When you open the software,it is easily operated with tool bar in the interface for example the zoom in/freeze/timer
Real-time annotation

QPC80H2 Gooseneck document visualizer (1)_副本

80CH (3)

Easily to make a split screen for dynamic and static display comparison that do a great help for teaching. Students can have a very clear view of what is the difference in the display.

Annotation function makes your easily annotating whatever you want to share in the screen.And make the classroom more interactive.

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