Energize Your Event with an Icebreaker

If you are the manager of a new team or delivering a presentation to a room of strangers, begin your speech with an icebreaker.

Introducing the topic of your lecture, meeting, or conference with a warm-up activity will create a relaxing atmosphere and increase attention. It’s also a great way to encourage participation from employees who laugh together are more comfortable interacting with each other.

If you want to gently introduce a complicated topic, start out with a word game. Whatever the subject of your speech, ask the audience to select the first word from a list of their interactive audience response system.

For a lively version of the word game that keeps employees on their toes, incorporate Catchbox. Have your audience toss the mic around to their peers so that everyone is encouraged to participate – even those evading attention in the far corners of the room.

Do you have a smaller meeting? Try two-truths-and-a-lie. Employees write down two truths about themselves and one lie, then their peers need to guess which option is the lie.

There are plenty of icebreaker games to choose from, so be sure to check out this post by The Balance for more ideas.

Engage Your Audience with Questions
Instead of leaving questions to the end of your lecture, interact with your listeners through an audience response system.

Encouraging questions and feedback throughout the session will make listeners more attentive since they have a say in directing your lecture, or event. And, the more you engage your audience in the material, the better they will remember the information.

To maximize audience participation, incorporate a variety of questions like true/false, multiple choice, ranking, and other polls. An Audience Response Clickers
allows attendees to select answers by pressing a button. And, since responses are anonymous, participants won’t feel pressured to find the correct choice. They’ll be too invested in the lesson!

Clicker-style audience response systems that are easy to setup and manage are Qlicker and Data on the Spot. Like other systems, Qlicker and Data on the Spot also provide real-time analytics that lets you know if the audience understands the lecture so that you can adjust your presentation accordingly.

Plus, studies show that university students who use audience response systems, like clickers, over standard hand-raising report higher participation, positive emotion, and are more likely to respond honestly to questions.

Try using them in your next event and see how responsive and attentive your audience will be.

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Post time: Sep-09-2021

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