How to choose the recording equipment for micro-classes?

With the rapid development of information technology today, it has become a general trend to use micro-classes to improve teaching efficiency without classroom teaching or students’ independent learning after class.

Today, I will share with you a piece of the magic of micro-class recording-wireless video booth.

In teaching, for the teaching of some important and difficult points of knowledge, and the teaching of problem-making skills, it is particularly suitable for display in the form of micro-classes. At this time, teachers can display the important and difficult lesson plans under the booth, with 8 million high-definition pixels.

Exquisite and compact design, teachers can move the portable document scanner according to their needs during the recording process. The lens can be rotated at multiple angles for shooting and recording. Built-in LED intelligent fill light, when the light is dark, it can be turned on with one button, presenting a bright micro-class recording environment. After the recording is completed, students can watch this micro-class first after class to prepare for the new class.

Teachers can also use the wireless document visualizer to design novel questions based on the knowledge points of the new class, attract students’ attention, and pave the way for the introduction of the new class to make this micro-class. In this way, students can be guided to explore the law, and they can conduct independent or cooperative research.

What’s more worth mentioning is that the wireless video visualizer can not only help teachers record micro-classes, but also interactive display teaching in the classroom. The teaching plan files can be displayed in real time under the booth, and students can clearly see the content of the display in the position. Teachers can write notes in real time, and mark out key points, difficulties, doubts, etc., to help students master knowledge points better and faster.

The booth supports two-screen and four-screen split-screen comparison, each split-screen can open video, local picture or click to take a picture for comparison. It can also perform functions such as zooming in, zooming out, rotating, marking, and dragging on each split screen individually or simultaneously.

This video booth is a multifunctional portable display device that can be used for data collection, video teaching, file display, physical display, training display, etc. It is the best choice for micro-class teaching.

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Post time: Aug-12-2021

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