What kind of changes will happen when artificial intelligence enters the school?

The combination of artificial intelligence and education has become unstoppable and has created unlimited possibilities. What intelligent changes do you know about it?

“One screen” smart interactive tablet enters the classroom, changing the traditional book teaching; “One lens” wireless video booth enters the classroom, scans under the camera for automatic document recognition; “One gamepad” voice clicker helps students answer the questions boldly.. The emergence of artificial intelligence helps teachers to provide tailor-made educational content for each student, and to improve students’ learning and performance in a targeted manner.

But artificial intelligence has also brought challenges to traditional education, and it has also brought issues worthy of attention. What will the future development path of smart education look like? It is based on the actual needs of talent training, scientific research and education management, establishing a dialogue mechanism between education needs and the artificial intelligence industry, and quickly transforming innovations in this field into new products in the field of education technology, providing more and better artificial intelligence education work infrastructure.

Artificial intelligence is entering the field of education, creating an era of intelligent education. High-quality educational resources can break the boundaries of classrooms, schools and regions, and integrate, configure and flow across time and space, making learning accessible anytime, anywhere.

Wisdom education means that we must make full use of modern science and technology to promote the informatization of education and vigorously improve the modernization level of education. Wisdom education is an important content of educational modernization. Through the development of educational resources, the process of optimizing education is used to cultivate and improve students’ information literacy and promote the development of educational modernization.

Only by actively responding to educational changes in the era of artificial intelligence and integrating artificial intelligence into education can we better promote the development of education. By using the development of a new generation of information technology to bring new development to education, using smart voice clickers, wireless video booths, smart interactive panels and other modern scientific and technological equipment to enhance human educational wisdom and promote education informatization.

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Post time: Aug-12-2021

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