How audience response systems can help you to engage your audience

Have you ever attended a lecture where a speaker delivered a 60-minute presentation without asking the audience a single question? If you answered yes, think about how engaged you felt and if you remembered the lecture. Now, consider your level of investment had the speaker provided you with an audience response system to contribute to the discussion.

You probably would have paid more attention, learned more about the topic, and remembered key points long after the presentation.

An audience response system is a tool that combines hardware and software and enables a speaker to interact with his audience by collecting and analyzing responses to questions.

The benefits are immediate. With a single question, an audience response system tells you if listeners are struggling with a topic or understanding it, and allows you to modify your lecture on the fly. No more sitting around hoping for surveys to come in after the event – an audience response system lets you survey attendees right away.

But, what about the audience? Having opportunities to provide immediate feedback turns them from passive learners to active ones. Plus, an audience response system permits anonymous participation, which takes the fear out of replying to questions.

QRF888 student keypads use a combination of software and hardware to present questions, record responses, and provide feedback. The hardware consists of two components: the receiver and the audience’s clickers. Questions is created Audience Response System software. This student keypads can support a 60 people to answer the questions.

Regardless of the type of audience response system you choose, each structure integrates into a presentation software like PowerPoint and collects results immediately for speakers to analyze.

Keep reading and in the next few paragraphs, we’ll teach you how to incorporate audience response systems to spark energy in your presentation and connect with your audience.

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Post time: Sep-09-2021

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