Qomo 4K High resolution document camera QD5000 is going to be published

Working from home has caused many of us to become very creative in the realm of productivity. Since clear audio and video is something everyone can appreciate, the last year has caused many folks to upgrade their webcam, microphone, and more. For anyone that has yet to do this, an upcoming 4K document camera from Qomo could be the perfect way to address several issues. In addition to scanning documents, Qomo 4k flatbed visualizer also functions as a dedicated webcam with an onboard microphone. It is upheld by an adjustable aluminum arm, ensuring you can find a great viewing angle for meetings, document captures, and more. The document camera newest product is going to come out in the end of December,2021.

Latest Qomo 4K doc cam wants to be your go-to WFH peripheralThe new Qomo 4K document visualizer is ready to capture at resolutions of up to 3840 by 2160 with “exceptional clarity and color reproduction.” An integrated LED aims to improve picture quality, and the onboard microphone minimizes background noise thanks to AI-Enhanced voice technology.

Both the base and arm of QD5000 are comprised of aluminum, giving the entire piece of tech a high-end appearance that should uplift the look of just about any setup. The multi-jointed arm allows users to pick from virtually any position to achieve the ideal viewing angle. Qomo’s new 4K document camera is compatible with mac OS, Windows, and Chrome OS. Connectivity relies on a dated USB-A port, which is pretty shocking, to say the least. Video frame rate tops out at 60 per second max, which is a bit of a bummer, but the clarity of this camera is still likely to be a dramatic upgrade for most.

The new Qomo 4K document camera is estimated to coming up in around the end of December. You can order now to reserve the new products in you feel interest.

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Post time: Aug-27-2021

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