The use of ARS boosts the participations

Currently, the use of groundbreaking technology in educational programs indicates significant progress in medical education. There is a significant development in the formative assessment with the practice of multiple educational technologies. Such as the use of an audience response system (ARS) is very effective to improve learning through active participation and enhanced interaction among students. ARS also is known as classroom voting systems/ electronic voting systems or personal response systems. It is one of the forms of an instant response system that provides each participant with a handheld input device or mobile phone through which they can communicate anonymously with software. The adoption of ARS provides feasibility and flexibility to conduct a formative assessment. We consider formative assessment as a form of continuous evaluation used to assess the learning needs, comprehension of the subject by learners, and continuous academic progress during the teaching sessions.

The use of ARS can enhance a learner’s engagement in the learning process and boost the teaching efficiency. It is meant to engage the learner into conceptual learning and boost the satisfaction of medical education participants. There are various kinds of instant response systems that are being used in medical education; for example instant mobile audience response systems, Poll Everywhere, and Socrative, etc. Implementing cell phones used in the form of ARS made learning more versatile and affordable (Mittal and Kaushik, 2020). The studies showed that the participants noticed an improvement in their attention span and a better understanding of topics with ARS during sessions.
ARS promotes the quality of learning by increasing the interaction and improves the student’s learning outcomes. ARS approach assists in instant data collection for reporting and feedback analysis after discussions. Besides, ARS has a significant role to augment the self-evaluation of learners. ARS has the potential for improvement activities about professional development because most participants stay alert and attentive. Few studies have reported a variety of benefits during conferences, social and engaging activities.

ARS classroom

Post time: Aug-05-2021

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